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Edge Computing PSU Application Example

As to advancements in AI, IoT, and edge computing have converged to unlock the potential of edge AI, enabling applications such as medical diagnosis, driving assistance, and crime prevention. Edge AI computing brings computation closer to the users, connects to LLM(Large Language Model), offers benefits like real-time insights, cost reduction, increased privacy, and high availability. FSP provides high power and high efficiency solution for edge AI server and other related applications.

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Conventional traffic management system servers are run in the cloud. For example, optimizing bus schedules and managing traffic signs and traffic for future autonomous vehicles. These real-time applications eliminate the need to transfer large amounts of data to the cloud center, further reducing bandwidth usage and minimizing latency, significantly increasing security. At FSP, we offer suitable power supplies for these type of traffic management edge devices to facilitate the development of applications for public safety.

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The existing cloud can suffer from transmission delays in the process of data analysis, posing a major impact on public safety such as fire fighting, law enforcement, traffic, and public health. Edge computing not only solves data latency, but also battery life limitations, reduces bandwidth cost consumption, data security and privacy issues. Furthermore, edge computing is able to improve real-time imaging and public safety analysis. As a professional power supplier, FSP provides suitable power supply solutions for edge devices used in public safety.

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Edge computing is a core technology widely used in smart grids to help the government and private companies effectively manage energy consumption. As sensors and IoT are commonly connected, the possibility to increase real-time monitoring and analysis of consumer data is more achievable. For example: Running high power machines to meet electricity demand during off-peak hours can avoid sudden power outages and improve overall economic productivity. As a professional power supplier, FSP provides suitable power supply solutions for edge devices used in public utilities.

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COVID-19 has impacted consumers when shopping in physical stores as most people now expect self-services such as contactless payment and product information provision. It is clear that automation will become a major key in the retail industry after the pandemic subsides as it provides immediate results and fulfills the increased expectation of the shopping experience. Compared to relying on cloud technologies, the characteristics of edge computing will bring better solutions. To help transformation and development, we provide suitable power supply for edge devices in the development of the future retail industry.

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With edge computing, manufacturers can monitor across the factory floor via IoT and smart sensors. Potential problems can also be detected and fixed through AI or edge-native applications. Not only that, edge computing can also realize real-time asset tracking to improve visibility across the supply chain, procurement analytics and real-time inventory control, archiving better factory management. FSP provides highly efficient and reliable power supply - the best choice for edge computing in factory applications.

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Edge computing and machine learning are used in collaboration in the oil and gas industry to detect early signs of failure. As a result, actions can be taken in advance and used as specific guidelines for engineers when similar cases occur. When compared with a general server, earthquake data can be processed faster and more accurately with the mutual cooperation of machine learning and cloud servers integrated with edge computing. Models are also built at the same time to help engineers decide where to drill and what techniques to apply.

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Warehouses, logistics companies, agriculture and health care-related organizations are gradually moving towards autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that are deployed internally. These internally deployed edge devices will become a handy assistant for robots to interpret and navigate the environment through their artificial intelligence for path planning. Thanks to the help of edge computing, these robots will use navigation techniques such as collision avoidance to slow, stop or reroute their path around the object in order to complete the task. As for fault tolerance of this technology, FSP provides reliable power supply for this type of internal deployment in edge scenarios.

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Data on edge devices and servers in hospitals can be locally processed and monitored through health analysis tools and sensors to protect privacy. Nevertheless, edge computing also provides notifications of the patient’s movements and behaviors in a timely manner via analysis AI. Edge computing also creates a 360-degree video dashboard of the patient to gain complete data. We have developed many applications in response to these types of scenarios for clinical assistance. With comprehensive safety certifications, FSP has developed an array of medical power supplies which customers can trust and rely on.

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Multi-entry edge computing (MEC) technology and 5G communications pose a powerful combination for telco application. With the help of 5G combined with edge computing, users are able to enjoy extremely low latency as well as secured localized data, expanding more IoT potential. This saves more costs to devices while allowing faster deployment; for example, integrating MEC into a conventional telco infrastructure will make more opportunities possible. FSP's power supplies have been tested and proven to be reliable, focusing on the characteristics of MEC devices and servers.

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As 5G edge technology has rapidly developed, its content delivery network (CDN) is able to offer rich content within milliseconds of latency for each connected device. Compared to cloud-centric architecture, some video and image optimization has been found to be more efficient when performed by edge servers. Meanwhile, edge computing and cloud collaboration is also prompting the evolution of a metaverse, an important future development trend. At FSP, we are fully equipped with highly efficiency power supplies for PMBus which can help in the management of edge devices.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people working in a remote office, front office, and back office (ROBO) are using their personal devices for computing, a perfect example of edge computing. Compared to centralized computing models, edge computing in the office boasts more advantages. For example, a highly efficient architecture can reduce network load and cost, while also strengthening the experience of remote offices. Data security and recovery ability are enhanced and better network scalability provided with the integration of other IoT devices. FSP offers modern edge power solutions designed to increase the efficiency of office applications.

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The smart home is a widely-known application of edge computing. Through multiple edge computing combined with IoT devices, processing and storage are brought closer to the smart home, largely reducing the time taken to deliver messages. Sensitive messages can be processed more efficiently, making more powerful AI possible. For example, the time for Alexa, Amazon's cloud-based voice service, to respond is faster and smarter, giving the family a remarkable “smart home” experience.

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Edge Computing - Case Study

Asia’s leading IT solution company The key to edge computing is whether the edge server can compute with high performance to improve the experience of end users and save the load of datacenters. FSP power products and customer’s systems have been successfully installed on over a million edge server systems for field operations. They have enormous power with stable outputs, and highly efficient power conversions. They are equipped with digital monitoring functions, providing edge customers with great experiences and satisfying the needs of end users. FSP Products: CRPS 550~1200W

Taiwan’s leading industrial-grade network communication equipment manufacturer Mobile communication has entered the 5G era; in order to meet the low-latency and high-bandwidth specifications of 5G, telecommunication companies proposed MEC equipment to be deployed at the edge of 5G networks. The flexible and universal platform design meets the functions of 5G Open RAN, 5G private network, near-end caching and data collection. FSP’s industrial-grade redundant power supplies support hot-swapping and smart management, providing edge clients with stable power and convenience for upgrade, helping customers successfully upgrade from 4G to 5G and satisfying the end clients’ pursuit for performance. FSP Products: CRPS 1300W

Taiwan’s leading industrial computer company With the coming low-latency communication era, applying AI computing on edge to provide on-site information and decisions is now possible. With 5G and IoT applications, more and more industries use AI Inference for real-time data collection and computing to improve the operation and productivity on-site. Since systems must be able to provide complete performances within limited space in order to adapt to the various industrial applications, FSP powers have various complete power product lines that are compact in size and have high power densities, able to satisfy the flexibility needs of edge AI Inference, and help customers use highly flexible configurations to meet their field applications in different industries.

What is “edge computing”?

Distributed Computing Architecture

Edge computing is a distributed information technology in which data is not centralized in a remote location (e.g., the cloud). Instead, data is cut into smaller and more manageable parts and distributed to nodes for processing. This brings computing as close to the source of data as possible in order to reduce latency and bandwidth use.

Edge computing advantages and importance

Edge computing is the key to speeding up the internet

With the rapid growth of IoT devices and computing ability, coupled with the increased connection of various types of devices with 5G networks, the vast amounts of data generated will cause bandwidth loss and transmission rate issues. This will lead to further security and privacy considerations in terms of sensitive data. Edge computing possesses the following advantages and is key to accelerating the internet.


Edge computing is able to distribute calculations to nodes as close to the source of data as possible to effectively shorten response times, increasing speed, and reducing latency.


In an area where network connectivity is unstable or cloud connection prone to disconnect, edge computing can enhance the reliability of application through local storage and data processing.


As data is stored close to its source, the computing process can reduce the risk of interception, improving data security.

FSP Power Supply and Edge Computing

FSP provides comprehensive products

PSU for Large Data Centers:Scalable and possess digital and communication features.

PSU for Terminal Computing Devices:Miniaturization, intelligence, efficiency, and resistance to harsh environments, as well as high power density, wide temperature support and lightning protection. The standard power supplies we offer are in compliance with global safety regulations. We also provide micro-customization services to meet the needs of an ever-changing edge computing industry.

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