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Gaming PSU Application Example

Entry-level players usually play lightweight online games or stand-alone games, with lower hardware requirements. Most of these computers come with work processing functions. Their power supply requirements mainly involve stability and cost-effectiveness.

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Basically, PC DIY players will install a mid to high-end independent graphics card. When it comes to power supply selection, In addition to focusing on the cable design and fan noise, players also base their choice on Youtuber and media reviews. Gaming DIY computer players are an autonomous group of people.

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Heavy users use single or multiple high-end graphics cards to play computer games. Every time a gaming masterpiece is launched, higher-end hardware graphics cards will be required as backup. With a constant stream of new gamers that continue to surge in number, those at the top of the pyramid emphasize on differentiation and product uniqueness. This group of people demonstrate high autonomy and prefer special woven cables or cooling systems. The high-end market continues to grow steadily.

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It is anticipated that global cloud games can be executed on Google, Amazon, and NVIDIA (including Microsoft Xbox games) on cloud servers by 2025. This means, even players running on lower hardware specs can play. Hence, the possibility of seizing the middleweight and lightweight gaming PC market cannot be ruled out in the future.

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With the variety of chassis models supplemented by manufacturers, the power supply specification requirements also vary, thus SFX as well as some power supplies with FLEX and TFX specifications become increasingly mainstream.

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The assembly of an exclusive system from a distributor or self-created brand, supplemented by components of another brand, has become a trend in recent years. It enables players to conveniently buy and use a computer without having to work on do-it-yourself installation.

Lightweight games or stand-alone games have lower graphics card requirements. Therefore, you may choose a laptop without an independent graphics cards.

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Due to the shortage of GPU chips in recent years and the boom of assembled mining machines not being able to purchase independent graphics cards has become an increasingly serious problem. Therefore, more and more people have resorted to buying high-end gaming PCs with built-in high-end GPU.

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What kind of hardware do gaming PCs need?

Bulk image computing function and power consumption support are required

With an annual increase in the hardware specification requirements of gaming masterpieces of the century released every year, the equipment requirement standards of gaming PCs have become very high. The image output of games is intricately linked to the annual release of graphics cards with even higher power consumption specifications. For this reason, a power supply that can support high power consumption is important. How to choose a high-quality power supply that is the backbone behind all gaming PCs, and is also the heart of a gaming PC as it outputs power to various core components?

What is the importance of power supplies in gaming PCs?

An important contributor in supporting high-end graphics cards and system stability

It should support high-power output of high-end graphics cards. The quality and stability of power supplies is of great importance. A good gaming power supply can withstand instant high-power output of graphics cards. Its +12V power output stability, power cable structure design, and material and circuit protection design are all intended to achieve a perfectly stable system.

How do you choose the right power supply for gaming PC?

  • A dependable and trustworthy brand of power supply

    A reputable brand can guarantee the quality of the products you purchase.
  • Determine the system's power requirements

    By verifying the system's components, it is possible to determine the required amount of power for the power supply.
  • Select the required ATX and SFX specifications

    As the demand for compact system hosts increases, SFX power supplies become a viable option.
  • 80PLUS efficiency level

    The greater the efficiency level, the less energy it consumes, achieving the energy-saving function.
  • The quality and mute effect of the power supply fan

    The quiet operation of the computer enables you to immerse yourself in the world of gaming without being disturbed by ambient noise.
  • Specifications for trend-compliant power supplies (ATX3.0)

    Selecting up-to-date products will make it easier to upgrade your computer.
  • Warranty and service

    The product can be utilized confidently due to the length of the warranty period and the promptness of the services.
  • Additional functions

    A modular wire design, speed-adjustable fans, and a comprehensive protection mechanism enable user-friendly assembly and an improved user experience.


The PC operating noise can be an issue for people when playing games. Power supply uses quality long life fan with intelligent temperature control and ECO switch to enable perfect balance of optimal airflow efficiency as well as low noise.


Sudden PC shutdown is a nightmare for hardcore gamers when playing so hard. Power supply must ensure the stable power delivery to the graphic cards for an enjoyable gaming vibe.


Longer cables with multiple output connectors will be helpful for PC hardware expansion and upgrade, prolonging the product lifetime.

FSP’s gaming power supplies truly understand the needs of players

FSP provides a variety of power supply specifications to suit gaming needs

Gaming power supply solutions

In addition to providing ATX power supply specifications, system vendors can also select SFX, TFX, FLEX, and other specifications in compliance with various gaming systems and chassis types, as well as 150W~ 330W adaptors for gaming laptops. FSP is your partner in gaming systems.

A private label that has withstood the test of time in the market

Since 2003 FSP has been creating its own brand. Having cultivated the PC DIY market for years, we understand the needs of gamers and have withstood the test of time in the market.

What power supply does my GPU/CPU need?

Understand the power consumption your system needs

It has become increasingly easy for players to own a powerful GPU and CPU. The higher the efficiency of your GPU and CPU, the higher the power consumption. We provide you with a simple way of verifying the right GPU and CPU’s PSU for you.

FSP Power Supply Calculator

Calculate your power consumption requirement

Gaming PSU FAQ

ATX 3.0 is a desktop Power Supply Design Guide that Intel updated in 2022, in which new versions of design specifications such as CPU 12V current configuration and Peak Load requirements are included.

If the gaming system is not equipped with a standalone graphics card, it will have no impact.

If it is equipped with the new specification PCIe Gen 5, new optional power needs to be purchased that can provide a new version of PCIe 12VHPWR cable and a design that allows instantaneous power to reach up to 200%.

  • FSP had started laying out and did R&D on PCIe Gen 5 power supplies since 2020-2021, and is now manufacturing PCIe Gen 5 power supply.
  • FSP has launched its PCIe Gen 5 power supply in Q4 of 2022. All products to comply with Intel PSDG ATX 3.0 and 12VO 2.0 specifications. Power supplies grater than 450W meet Peak Load 200% design. Power supplies less than or equal to 450W meet Peak Load 150% design. New version of PCIe 12VHPWR cable plans to be included as a standard accessory with power supplies with 750W (included) or above. For power supplies less than 750W, it will be configured according to customer’s requirements.
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