Talent Sustainability

FSP has officially joined “TALENT, in Taiwan”.

“Enable all talent to play to their strengths in the right positions, creating a win-win situation” has always been an operational goal of FSP. To enhance talent competitiveness in Taiwan while responding to the new ESG wave and the emphasis companies around the world place on talent and social responsibility, we have taken the initiative and joined “TALENT, in Taiwan” as a responsible enterprise.

We are committed to providing our employees with a “quality and healthy environment”. With respect to “work”, we offer flexible leave; with respect to “family”, we provide an assortment of subsidies to employees and their families; with respect to “health”, we plan a number of preventive medicine activities in an effort to keep an eye on employees’ health.

For our next step, we will continue to promote and advocate the Talent Cultivation Project with “Master Cheering” and “Cheers” alongside 200 other companies in Taiwan. In doing this, we enable all employees at FSP to enhance their functions and fully exert their personal professionalism and potential at work, creating better career development and future.

Details about the Project >>https://www.cwlearning.com.tw/events/talent/index.html

Human Resource

FSP is eager to grow with you! Join us and you will work with the elites from the power industry. Give a full play to your unlimited potential through a series of learning development plans.

“The company complies with relevant labor laws, respects the internationally recognized basic human right principles and protects employee’s legitimate rights and interests with non-discriminatory treatment policy. The company establishes proper management methods, procedures and implementations”: comply with the labor laws and regulations issued by the government and handle the employee benefit and relevant management measures in accordance with laws and regulations.


Sincerely welcome high-quality elite to join FSP and create a better future with us.
FSP Job Opportunities FSP Job Recruitment

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

1Job search
Please search for the appropriate job and submit the resume.
2Resume primary screening
The personnel department will carry out the primary screening after receiving the resume.
3Interview invitations
After passing the first trial, you will be informed of the arrangement of follow-up interview.

Interview Process

1English test
Test time is about 1 hour.
2Personnel interview
Introduction to the company, products and welfare. About 20 min.
3Interview with unit manager
About 30~60 min.

Development Training

Professional Training

Each department holds internal or external professional training courses time to time.


Computer, language sources and occasional general lectures (health, arts, etc.).

Credit System

In order to encourage employees to engage in self-learning and multi-learning and thus enhancing
the competitiveness of the company, each employee shall complete a certain hours of credits.

Orientation for New Employees

Through orientation and mentor system in parallel, led by senior personnel, new employees will feel affinity and warmth of the department in the initial stage and produce a sense of corporate identity and centripetal force.

Vigor Camp for New Employees

Guided by the industry-leading lecturers and experiencing the courses as a team, new employees will feel the importance of a team and establish an interpersonal team sentiment, thus gathering their centripetal forces.

Incentive Camp for Senior Employees

With the power produced by the team work, strengthen the team’s philosophy, stimulate moral and enhance the consensus though the objectives and tasks that completed through competitions. Through team share, produce a sense of purpose to the team and form a team with one heart.

EMBA for Senior Executives

Hold an education and training course on a regular basis twice a year for the world’s senior executives at home and abroad. Invite industry experts or well-known masters to provide the teaching guidance.

Employee Welfare


  • Year-end bonus
  • Employee stock bonus
  • Traffic allowance subsidyPatent reward system

Employee Benefit

  • Statutory insurance
  • Insurance for employees and family dependents
  • Cash gift for three holidays
  • Humanized management, two-day weekend
  • Flexible working hours
  • Health examination for employees
  • Free meals
  • Praise senior staff
  • Discount from special manufacturer
  • Visually impaired massage service
  • Diversified community activities
  • Significant distress subsidy
  • Fertility allowance
  • Marriage, funeral and festival allowance
  • Hospitalization allowanceBirthday cash gift and birthday offer

Humanized working environment

  • Professional physicians resident in the beauty life health center
  • Guarantee safety and health
  • Café for employees
  • Provide convenient and quality catering services
  • Indoor locomotive parking
  • Gym specially for employeesReplace art gallery space on a regular basis

Pension Scheme

FSP Group's pension system has been established in accordance with relevant regulations and the Company's policies.


  • Labor Standards Act

FSP Group appropriate labor pension reserve funds ranging between 2% and 15% of the total monthly wages of their employees and deposit such amount in a designated account. The account supervised by the Supervisory Committee of Labor Retirement Reserve composed of representatives for workers and employers.

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